Elizabeth Emer is a Licensed Massage Therapist in the state of Wisconsin, graduate of the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics, and a 200-hour trained yoga teacher from the Himalayan Institute. After living, working and learning around the country and the world, Elizabeth now lives in her home state of Wisconsin where she offers massage, yoga and community events out of Spiral Space Yoga Gallery in Racine. Her bodywork treatments are Swedish massage-based, blended with traditional herbal medicine and the practices + energetics of polarity therapy, reflexology and yoga.  

The name ‘Moonway’ is inspired by the ways of the Diné, the Navajo people of the southwest, whose lifestyle and beliefs are based on beauty and harmony. Change is the basis of their cosmology, and accordingly their sacred ceremonies bear the word ‘way.’ Blessingway, Nightway, Shootingway. ‘Way’ is a noun, but it is active: a manner, method, or means: a way of life, a way of knowing; a route or direction; a path. Considering life in these terms has helped me make sense of my own experience: change and chaos are constant, and life IS the process. It will never be static and never should be.    

Like our sacred breath, the Moon is always moving, always waxing or waning. Like our moods and thoughts and bodies, it is ever-changing. The Moon teaches us receptivity, fluidity, adaptability. It teaches us that sometimes the darkest of nights can bear the strongest glow of light while other times in plain daylight we will find the hidden answer to a prayer. In its philosophy, Moonway Therapeutics is a way of being that embraces right-brain existence, matriarchy, somatic movement, chaos, change, the numinous diversity + staggering beauty of people and life on the planet, the cycles of nature, and the belief that nourishment is the basis of optimal health. Moonway encourages inspired, informed action, for, as in the words of the Dalai Lama “it is not enough to be compassionate, we must act.” Moonway Therapeutics honors the old traditions that consider all of life as absolutely sacred—body, mind, spirit, and the physical elements that give rise to all of life as we know it.   

Much gratitude, love and blessings to you!